Introduction to Organic Gardening

2017 Syllabus
A Practical Guide to Gardening in Oregon (pdf from OSU Extension)

Principles of Permaculture (pdf from Cascadia Permaculture Institute)
Zone and Sector Analysis (Deep Green Permaculture)
Pacific Northwest Planting Calendar (Oregon Tilth)
Soil Temperatures for Vegetable Seed Germination (pdf from OSU Extension)
6 Steps to a Super Simple Vegetable Garden Plan ( 

Soil Management
Soil Management (pdf from UM Extension)
Organic matter management (pdf from UM Extension)
Soil biology and soil management (pdf from UM Extension) 
Why not to add sand to clay soils (pdf from WSU)

Cover Crops
Cover crops for home gardeners west of the Cascades (pdf from WSU)
Methods for successful cover crop management in your home garden (pdf from WSU)

Composting at Home (pdf from Cornell)
The Rapid Composting Method (pdf from UC)

Soil Testing
Soil Test Interpretation (pdf from OSU)
The Soil Test Report (pdf from UA)
Understanding the Numbers on your Soil Test Report (pdf from UA) 

Symphony of the soil (Trailer)
Selected invertebrates of the soil food web
Soil critters - Life in the great underneath 
No Dig Garden Workshop

USDA Soil surveys

Other Resources
Soil testing labs serving Oregon (from OSU)
Determining amounts of fertilizers for small areas
Changing pH in soil 
The Ultimate, Bomb-Proof Sheet-Mulch  

Propagating Plants from Seed (pdf from PNW Extension)
Soil Temperatures for Vegetable Seed Germination (pdf from OSU Extension) 
Propagating Plants from Cuttings (pdf from PNW Extension)

Conserving Water in the Garden (pdf from OSU Extension)
Estimating Soil Moisture by Feel and Appearance (pdf from USDA)
Irrigation Scheduling: The Water Balance Approach (pdf from Colorado Extension)
Water: You Can't Live Without It (article by Tobias Policha)
Permaculture Keyline Water Systems: Don Tipping at Seven Seeds Farm (VIDEO)

Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks
Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management (pdf from Cornell)
Snails and Slugs of Oregon (pdf from ODA) 
PNW Weed Identification Module (OSU)
A Pocket Guide to Common Natural Enemies of Crop and Garden Pests (OSU Extension)
VIDEO: Parasitoids inside of a caterpillar (NatGeo)

Food Preservation Publications (OSU Extension)
Wild Fermentation
VIDEO: Sandorkraut: Pickle Maker

Seed Sources